Allencris John Rubesh Rajan

Postal address :

Theory Department, IJCLab, Université Paris-Saclay

15 rue Georges Clémenceau, 91406 – ORSAY Cedex – FRANCE


Bâtiment 100a – Room 229a

Current Research:

The objective of my PhD is to investigate the hypothesis of “intrinsic charm” (IC) in the proton. Though IC has been discussed since the 1980s, conclusive experimental evidence has not yet been found. Inspired by a paper by the NNPDF collaboration, I will be computing the cross-section at NLO for J/Ψ + open c production in pp collisions and in UPC in Pb p collisions at the LHC and designing effective observables for this at LHCb. 

Scientific Output:

Investigation of the Effect of Temperature on the Maximum Amplitude of the ToF Detector SiPM Arrays and Proposed SAMPIC Population Scheme as CERN summer studentship: I worked with the University of Geneva Neutrino group on their work regarding the upgrade to the T2K near-detector which was being tested at the neutrino platform at CERN. With the guidance of Dr. Federico Nieto Sanchez and Dr. Stefania Bordoni, I investigated the temperature response of the Time-of-Flight detector to be fitted to the near-detector. This involved cleaning and analyzing the signals from silicon photo-multiplier arrays and observing the maximum average amplitude as a function of time which we correlated with daily/monthly ambient temperature fluctuations. Full report available at


  • BSc. in Physics with specialization in theoretical physics (University College Dublin, 2019-2022)
  • PhD. in Elementary Particle Physics (University College Dublin & Université Paris-Saclay, 2022-present)